Soughton Hall Hotel wedding

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Soughton Hall Hotel wedding – Paul and Patty
Soughton Hall Hotel wedding. Paul and Patty are heartwarming and lovely newlyweds that hosted their sumptuous wedding at Soughton Hall in North Wales, the 300-year old residence built in 1714 as a Bishop’s Palace, the first of a long line of prominent members of the Wynne-Bankes family whose roster has included two knights, three High Sheriffs, a Chaplin to Queen Victoria, a Lord Chief Justice, a Lord Chancellor’s secretary, as well as William John Bankes, the noted explorer, adventurer, collector and Egyptologist of the early nineteenth century. William transformed Soughton Hall during the 1820’s following travels to the Middle East with his friend, the renown architect Sir Charles Barry.
The house is without doubt steeped in an illustrious history with prepossessing interiors. However, we bravely ventured to the out of doors to pay homage to its exterior architecture, and to nature where cold temperatures and snow abounded. After all, this was a winter wedding with an exuberant wedding party of bridesmaids and bridal bouquets heralding red. It was just the right touch for a great remembrance to their wedding day.
Pictures reinstate a moment in time like no other. These are the photographs I liked best.


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