Baptism photography – Baptism in Greece

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Baptism photography – Baptism in Greece

Mihalis and I met a few years back, when I was called to photograph their first child. Him and his wife Tonia soon had a second child and I was there too. Last July, while on holidays, I was privileged to photograph yet one more – their third child’s baptism. In the same favourite church of mine, where I got married some 9 years ago. “Profitis Ilias”(Thoriko) is built on top of a hill, surrounded by the Aegean sea, and it is always windy. Sometimes, very windy. As you can see in the photos below, this was the very windy occasion!

Filled with wonderful memories and emotions, and being extremely relaxed since I was officially on holidays, I photographed all that I could so that years later, they will relive the memory. Isn’t this the mission of a documentary photography?


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  1. Stamatis and Lisa

    Everything in photography would be better if more photographers were like you! For sure, you are the best professional ever! Stamatis and Lisa

  2. Three children, three amazing creations, full of sweet memories. Thank you for the wonderful work!

  3. Amazing pictures capturing all the wonderful emotions of the event!!!! Congratulations Ross! You are a great photographer!!!!!

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