Chester Registry Office Wedding

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Chester Registry Office Wedding – Yannis and Maria

chester registry office wedding

Yannis and Maria got married in the Registry office of Chester on a rather rainy day, however, a lovely day indeed. We have been known each other for quite some time now, and so we had arranged to steal some moments from their day just for photographs. I wanted to take advantage of the crowded streets of Chester centre and portrait them still against a flow of people passing them by. In this way I symbolised the contrast between moment and eternity. In a way, I wish all the couples stand the test of time and while troubles come and go, they stay together, united as a fist. Right after a quick coffee, we went down to the river for some more portraits, and then to the wedding party at an amazing greek taverna in Neston, called ‘Kri-Kri’. Traditional tasty food followed by traditional greek dances and lots of fun for the rest of the evening. Even I had a couple of wine glasses, something I normally never do when working, but this wedding had a somewhat different vibe for me, as I found myself amongst people from the city of Athens where I was born. Here’s some of the photos I chose.

Yanni and Maria, I have enjoyed every moment I spent on your wedding day, it has been a lovely day for me too. I wish you the very best for your new life; may you always be as happy and as vibrant. And by knowing you, I am pretty sure you will be.

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  1. Honestly we had the time of our lives. We will be always grateful to you for those amazing photos. Every moment of that day has been captured with your amazing skills as a photographer. Wish you all the best and hopefully many more couples will have the pleasure to work with you. Yannis and Maria.

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