Eastham country park picnic

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Eastham country park picnic – A family day out

Given the fabulous summer weather we woke up with one Sunday, we quickly decided we were going out to the open. We absolutely needed to catch some sun and relax under the warmth of the day. Just a week before we had accidentally discovered Eastham and a lovely pub by the water. Within an hour, we had prepared our sandwiches, salad and drinks. All ready to go. But wait! Where was I going without a camera? I quickly picked up my lovely 50mm f1.8 (the oldest and cheapest of my lenses – which I totally adore). My son picked up a tape HD camcorder he absolutely loves and we quickly got into the car. It was such a hot day, we had to drive with all four windows down – for the first time in years really.

As soon as we arrived to the Eastham country park, we quickly found a large grass area where other people were having their picnic too, then quickly sat down and started eating. No, wait. We first took some photos of our family day which I would like to share with you here. Then we took a walk in the park, in between trees and green, not forgetting to feed a couple of squirrels we met along our walk. To be honest, we had taken some monkey nuts for them, as we usually like to get closer to those little furry animals. Some of the photos below are taken by our son, as he likes to try his talent on my camera whenever he gets a chance. Overall, a fantastic family day out – batteries recharged!

Eastham country park


next two photos by little JohnEastham country park picnic

this is a massive chicory that we eat as salad in Greece (boiled and served with olive oil and a twist of lemon)

monkey nuts for the squirrels

Eastham country parkEastham country park


I forgot to mention that I love the closeups of tree logsEastham country park

Black and white is also very interesting as our eyes focus on the patterns and not on the colours…

Little John took this one too


stone in my shoe…

scared by the oncoming dogs, but brave enough to come down from his tree and grab a few monkey nuts

Eastham country parkEastham country park picnicEastham country park


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