Katrina and Martin

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Katrina and Martin

Katrina and Martin got married in the Hope Street Hotel, in Liverpool UK. Despite the rainy weather, we did have a lovely day and enjoyed every minute of it. I started the day from a nearby hair salon where Katrina and the girls were having their hair done, and then quickly drove to the hotel to catch Martin getting ready. Although the plans involved a lot of the group photos taken on the balcony and at the suitcase statue further down the street, the weather decided we should better stay in. Well, at least for the biggest part of the day. In this job you need to learn to wait. When I was serving the army in Rhodes (many years ago), I loved visiting the old town and taking photographs with a light SLR shooting Velvia slide film. Once I can remember I had waited 5 hours for the sun to get the position that would favour a single photo, why couldn’t I wait this time for the dry spell? This example always comes to my mind when I must be patient. As soon as the rain stopped we went on the roof and captured the soft light and the rewarding scenery of Liverpool in the background. I love how both Katrina and Martin were totally relaxed despite a slight change of plans.

I will not post too many photos here, not because I don’t want to, but because my wife insists that less is more. So I will listen to her this time. She has picked her favourites out of the whole lot.

If you would like to see the pre-wedding photos of Katrina and Martin, please click on this link.



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  1. Katrina Higginson

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, I have never met a photographer who puts as much effort in with a client as you do. From answering my many emails, the pre wedding shoot to the meeting us for coffee. You truly made the experience outstanding.

    Although the weather seemed to cancel all our photo plans, you made it seem like it didn’t matter as we trusted you to capture the day in our style. I can certainly say you did this!

    They say never work with children or animals, but this didn’t faze you! Lola the pug loved every second of being your model!

    Martin and I are now trying to find an excuse to hire you again!

    Many thanks
    Katrina & Martin

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