Nasioutzik Museum Wedding – Andreas and Maria

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Nasioutzik Museum Wedding – Andreas and Maria
The Nasioutzik Estate and Byzantine Museum
Orange symbolizes the color of illumination to the Buddhists.  The Hindus believe that orange denotes joy, creativity, sexuality and harmony.  Starting from the vibrant bride’s choice of a bold orange bouquet to The Nasioutzik Estate and Byzantine Museum for the reception, this wedding was not only unique for its alluring bride and groom, but for the setting.
Situated in northeastern Athens, the Nasioutzik is a rare estate—a bucolic blend of verdant hills and trees complemented with the southern Mediterranean building vernacular of stone and wood.  A Byzantine Museum is housed on the estate.  Tapestry and textiles, artwork to antique sundry items are all displayed eclectically throughout that makes for an exquisite backdrop adding depth and richness to each and every picture.
My day begins by capturing the delicate moments of the bride preparing for her day and then attending to the groom at church while he awaits his bride.  I photograph the groom’s friends and family who are usually trying to assuage his nerves! With the assured arrival of the bride, and as the religious wedding ceremony pictures conclude, the first portraits are finalized at the church before we depart for the wedding reception.  Whether it’s champagne and cake in the church garden, breakfast, luncheon or formal dinner—we are all there we are there every step of the way to ensure the most beautiful pictures one can imagine.
The bride and groom were very obliging.  I enjoyed every minute of their candlelit dinner and first dance, and didn’t miss the opportunity to explore the interiors of Nasioutzik to shoot wedding portraits. Despite the romantic lighting, I managed to set up my portable off-camera flash units so that I could achieve a sense of natural light within.
So, let’s begin with the bride…

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