Peckforton Castle pre wedding

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Peckforton Castle pre wedding

Tanjila and Behruz, what a beautiful couple, getting married soon at such a historical and well preserved castle, Peckforton castle, in the heart of Cheshire. I am short for words to describe the elegance and the class of such a venue. I’d rather let the pre wedding photos show a little of this place. Most important though is I am really looking forward to documenting this wedding of two wonderful people. Through this session, we had the chance to break the ice, relax in front of the camera lens but, most importantly get to know Tanjila and Behruz enough to realise how beautiful they are at heart.

Here are a few photos from that day.


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  1. […] The party absolutely reflected the couple’s character, with live music and lots of fun and games. However, I have chosen the following photos as the ones that contain the most of the day’s feel. Besides, this is what I am after when I photograph a wedding; capture the feel of the day, as well as tell the story. A preview of the pre wedding is here. […]

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