Peckforton castle wedding

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Peckforton Castle Wedding – Tanjila and Behruz

Peckforton Castle wedding photographer. It is hard to not talk about the venue when a venue is like Peckforton Castle, in Cheshire, England. First I happened to visit the castle with my family, on a Sunday exploration of the areas around our town. A short time later, I received a beautiful message from Tanjila, asking me if I could photograph a wedding there. Could not believe it, out of all the places, this I really wished I had a wedding at. Soon I met Tanjila and Behruz, and we talked about their wedding and details about their big day.

Weddings in January are not particularly easy as the cold weather restricts the available time outside the building to the absolute minimum. However, such a majestic building will always have a treat for the photographer, so indoors is not so bad after all. Once I got to know my way around, it was a piece of cake.

The party absolutely reflected the couple’s character, with live music and lots of fun and games. However, I have chosen the following photos as the ones that contain the most of the day’s feel. Besides, this is what I am after when I photograph a wedding; capture the feel of the day, as well as tell the story. A preview of the pre wedding is here.

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  1. Antony Gaspars

    Great job, perfect wedding!

  2. Behruz Haider

    Thank you so much for these beautiful photos Spyros. We count ourselves very lucky to have found you, as you were exactly the type of photographer we were looking for. You weren’t intrusive and worked tirelessly in the background to capture some priceless moments.

    We would definitely recommend Spyros to anyone else – not only is he a wonderful person, he is a highly skilled photographer. He took time out to get to know us before the wedding which made taking photos on the main day significantly easier.

    I hope we can stay in touch for future events and we can’t thank you enough for these wonderful photos.

    Love from Behruz & Tanjila

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