Preston wedding photographer, Danielle and George. Springfield House, Fleetwood.

A wedding portrait much less ordinary, as Danielle did not know George was there a few feet away from her window, neither did George know Danielle was at the window. Taken moments before their wedding.

Why did I choose to frame this photo like this? Because I sometimes like to try to tell a story with one photograph that can include a lot of information. Such as the location, the time of the day, the weather, the area or the venue, the anticipation. And with this particular photo I can tell it is a beautiful house somewhere in the countryside, on a warm sunny day, the guests are waiting for the bride to arrive (so does George who is Scottish) and I am taking a photo that could be a page spread in their wedding album. I always keep in my mind that a wedding album is going to need some photographs that are somewhat different to the usual ones, such as the one below, or a blurred image , that would not mean anything – but would make a wonderful background behind photos in the album. After all, designing a wedding album starts on the wedding day and not weeks later on the computer.

I am currently working on the rest of the photos of this beautiful wedding and as soon as they are ready, I will make a link to them. In the meantime, please go through the rest of the weddings to see how I see things through my camera lens. Or you can even visit this couple’s pre-wedding session at Yarrow Valley Central Park by clicking here.

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Springfield House, nr. Preston