Southport pre-wedding photography

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Southport pre-wedding

Southport pre-wedding photography – Kerry and Stephen

Following a home BBQ birthday party, we headed to the sandhills for a couple of photos. I don’t like giving too many instructions to the couples, as I prefer them acting natural. With Kerry and Stephen, I didn’t have to say anything at all, they were feeling so relaxed and natural in front of my lens it was unbelievable. Anyway, after the sandhills we walked through Birkdale with the picturesque train station and little shops. A quick coffee and a few more shots and we were ready to meet on their wedding day again. Here are my favourite photos of the day.



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  1. […] One of the most beautiful weddings of this year, right at the end of the summer. When it is still warm and bright, and the hay hasn’t been cropped yet. Kerry was getting ready at home, so that’s where I started documenting their big day. After I made sure that I had covered all I needed to tell the story, I ran to the West Tower to find Stephen getting ready. Not long after, Kerry arrived in a beautiful classic car, full of elegance and style. After a lovely civil service, we took a break for some group and couple’s photos. Excited that the day gave me the light I needed and the couple loved having their pictures taken, I grasped the opportunity to produce natural photos. I let them do as they liked, stand where they wanted to – in general I was not directing at all. I love it when this approach works out as the results are are real as can be. The couple’s pre-wedding session was in Southport, the link is here. […]

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