Wedding of Joergen and Helen

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In the twelve years of being a wedding photographer, I have never been to such a delicate and relaxed wedding as this one. I have know Helen since 2003, and had the chance to take portraits of her every year, covering the events and annual receptions for the company she works for. I know Helen stands out of the crowd for her delicate manners, her elegant appearance, and politeness. I hadn’t met the man of her life until last October, when we met and discussed the fine details of their special day. I was not surprised to find out that the more I spoke with Joergen, the more I liked him. An honest person, with a good sense of humor. I got really excited that I was going to be their photographer.

Joergen is Danish, Helen is Greek-Cypriot, raised in Birmingham,UK. In the following photos, there are customs from each country. In Denmark I learnt they take the groom’s shoes off, and cut the tip of his socks off… In Cyprus, they use pins to attach money on the couple as they dance a traditional song.

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